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Attention: Financial Advisors and Financial Planners attend this workshop and get 3 CE credits

Free comprehensive Cash Flow and Liability Management Workshop

Workshop is currently delivered via pre-recorded videos and in-class (pending covid-19)

What do you learn when you enroll in the workshop?

You will learn how to have a life-changing conversation about cash flow and debt
with your clients and become instrumental in defusing their debt bomb and revealing their hidden wealth.

Here is what you will learn

• Module #1 – What is a good credit score, and why have a healthy one is a must?

• Module #2 – The art of Cash Flow Management without following a budget

• Module #3 – The cost of being in debt

• Module #4 – Anatomy of a mortgage

• Module #5 – Get out and stay out of debt for life system

• Module #6 – What does having a mortgage in the Prime Lending space mean?

• Module #7 – What does having a mortgage in the Sub-Prime Lending space mean?

• Module #8 – The good, the bad, and the ugly of Reserve, fractional and 1st and 2nd mortgages

• Module #9 – Alternative debt elimination strategies

Upon completing the workshop and the test, we will send you a certificate of completion worth 3 CE.

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